Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Simplifying Continued: Making a Dent

This pile is looking smaller and much better than before. . .

I don't know about those other piles though.  They're hidden from view and easier to forget.  How convenient.  I may forget them this week.  For now I'll focus and on making this one extinct. 

By the way--thanks for the encouragement friends!  :)  Y'all are fabulous! 

Now I'm off to see about a certain chocolate glazed devils food doughnut  . . .  mmmm . . .

Monday, May 2, 2011


Life has many stages, and right now we are in a "simplifying stage." I was feeling reflective today, so I thought I would write about it. Jason and I now have a new place to call home . In our journey to the mission field we are at an in-between stage--we have moved out of our rental house and are now in missionary housing. We have everything we need in our new home thanks to God and the very gracious and sweet lady who provided it. All our furniture is in storage and now I have lots and lots of bags and boxes to go through. Ugh.

We are very blessed to have all that we do, don't get me wrong.  But at the same time, I'm ashamed of how much stuff I have accumulated over the years.  I now have the challenge laid before me--clean up the mountains of "stuff"--and in 1 week at that!  So . . .in an effort for speed and accountability, I will be tracking my progress of clean up on here .  I know I don't need even half of what I have and will be ruthless in my endeavors!  No sentamentality here folks!  

I'm looking forward to getting everything simplifed down.  I wonder what it would be like to live with only what you need?  To be able to carry all you own on your back?  What a crazy concept in America, huh? 
Who knows, one day I might find out! 

Here I go . . . off to make a dent in the mountains of stuff!

PS--I know that probably no one evens reads this, but if you do, words of encouragement for the weary-of-[cleaning]-heart, are always welcome.  :)